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A strategy for your product data

Digital-friendly product data requires higher degrees of structure and standardisation than previously needed in traditional offline business. We will advise you on all relevant business areas to develop the best solution for your product information and master data management.

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Our service: structuring information with PIM

The increasing diversification of customer touchpoints, from print to mobile, e-commerce, TV, voice to the traditional retail store (POS), creates new challenges in product data management for companies. Customers expect an end-to-end, coordinated shopping experience across all channels. The foundation for this is storing all product data in one system, with everything harmonized and prepared for each channel. The purpose of such a PIM system is the central, standardised maintenance of your product information. Therefore, various channels, such as an e-commerce system, conventional print catalogues, flyers or even internal employees are supplied with relevant product information.

Our services cover the entire process – from strategy, design and choice of system to customer-specific implementation and subsequent process optimisation.

Our tools: diva-e product data management

We have developed the following approach in order to support your projects and to be able to respond to your needs in the best possible way.

Based on your business model and requirements needed (recorded channels, IT systems used and existing processes), our experts will work with you to develop a specific product data strategy. To achieve this, all existing IT systems and storage locations with product-relevant content are analysed. What’s more, we include your internal processes and procedures relating to product data creation and enhancement. Finally, the customer’s point of view is examined in more detail to determine the requirements for future product data management.

Analysis/Specification phase

Based on the areas of activity defined in the strategy, a more detailed analysis of existing systems, processes and persons involved is required. Then, a series of workshops analyses all process and data structures in your company relating to the PIM. Our experts critically scrutinise existing processes and thereby document how product data is currently handled.

Based on the results and taking your goals and vision into account, our experts develop solutions and recommendations for PIM or MDM implementation. The requirements identified during the specification phase are compiled in a specification document which is used to choose the right system. We can also provide a detailed description of the expected costs and the duration of a PIM project based on your needs.

PIM system selection

Choosing the right PIM system based on specific customer requirements leads to more efficient and effective market position and therefore represents a significant competitive advantage. Selecting the right system is therefore extremely important, as the market for high-performance PIM systems is constantly growing. We understand the market and help you choose the right system for your requirements and strategy.

Introduction and implementation project

The PIM system selected is then customised and configured – supported by our QA department. Our experts will train your employees before launch.

Rollout and continuous development

After going live, we are by your side with advice and will support your expansion plans and further development of your PIM strategy. Expanding into new territories or providing new sales channels requires thorough preparation. A country’s legal or information requirements have to be checked, product information localised and expanded according to the channel. What’s more, the further development and optimisation of existing processes should always be on the agenda. Our experts can give you valuable information derived from numerous projects.

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